Arboretum Music School instructors are trained professional educators, all of whom hold or are completing degrees in music. Every instructor has experience teaching all ages and abilities.

Kristie Lee Estervig (Owner/Piano)

Kristie Lee Estervig

Aaron Gochberg (Drums)

Aaron Gochberg

Adam Pakalske (Piano, Guitar)

Adam Pakalske
(Piano, Guitar)

Alex (Guitar)


Amanda L (Voice)

Amanda L

Amanda Sweno(Piano)

Amanda Sweno

Andrew Estervig (Voice)

Andrew Estervig

Carly Ochoa (Voice and Piano)

Carly Ochoa
(Voice and Piano)

Daisy (Piano)


Dena Johnson-Schlitz (Strings)

Dena Johnson-Schlitz

Emili Earhart(Piano)

Emili Earhart

Jake Hammer (Winds and Drums)

Jake Hammer
(Winds and Drums)

Justin May (Guitar)

Justin May

Irene Verdegan (Piano and Voice)

Irene Verdegan
(Piano and Voice)

Kevin Knapp (Guitar and Piano)

Kevin Knapp
(Guitar and Piano)

Lori Lipsky (Piano, Voice)

Lori Lipsky
(Piano, Voice)

Mateja Schuck (Piano, Voice)

Mateja Schuck
(Piano, Voice)

Melissa Dyer (Piano)

Melissa Dyer
(Piano and Voice)

Renee Hegge (Piano)

Renee Hegge

Roger Marcus (Guitar)

Roger Marcus

Sammy (Flute and Piano)

(Flute and Piano)

Yanzhu Chen (Piano)

Yanzhu Chen