Importance of Summer Lessons

Learning to play an instrument is not only a fun and rewarding activity, but it also engages almost every part of the brain simultaneously. All of that consistent practicing will add up and playing music will become easier as your brain gets better at processing all the information. That newfound strength can then be applied to other, non-musical activities. 

In fact, practicing is the key to learning any new skill. Routine practicing allows for the repetition needed to move the new information from short-term to longterm memory. It helps create the muscle memory needed to play or sing. 

We highly encourage your student to continue to take lessons in the summer. A gap of three months in a students growth can erase months of progress and eliminate the current momentum.

Arboretum Music School is currently registering students for summer music lessons. Talk to your teacher today to reserve your summer lesson time.  Enjoy the flexible summer scheduling and credits that are allowed over the summer to coordinate with your summer vacations, while still allowing your child to continue and progress in their music studies.